Vegan MoFo 2010: Day Twelve

Day Twelve: Free Rein Friday

Following last week's precedent, I'm breaking this week's theme to celebrate the end of the work week. It's Friday!!! Those of you with nine-to-five weekday jobs understand my glee. While I may be spending nearly all of Friday's sunshine in a poorly lit office and infront of a blinding computer screen, my mind and actions revolve around what is to be. Once the computer is put to sleep, the weekend cometh.

What better way is there to kick start the weekend than with a good ol' sammy?! Easily my favorite type of food, sandwiches are a definite staple in my diet. From the moment I discovered my very first Sticky-Crunch as a kid, (toasted bread, peanut butter and potato chips smashed together by pounding fists - handmade panini!?), I knew I'd be a sarnie-lover for life. What I admire about the sandwich is it's inherent freedom, spontaneity and portability. There are virtually no restrictions when construction a one. All you really need is an exterior that will hold it's shape throughout consumption and an interior of harmonious flavor! I'm so overwhelmed by the thought of sandwiches right now. Ah!

Jamaican Jerk TLT(S)

Last night I had the aforementioned craving. I needed to eat a sandwich. My cupboard was bare, but I had just enough to satiate my appetite. Half a block of tempeh, baby romaine, tomato, sprouts and two slices of gluten-free bread was all I would need, and all I thought I had. Lo and behold, a jar of Jamaican jerk marinade mailed from my grandmother in south Florida! The tempeh was put to the marinade, and I whipped up a spicy stone-ground mustard and vegenaise spread, seasoned with some jamaican curry powder (also sent by grandma). What resulted was a sweet and spicy sammy known, from this moment on, as the Jamaican Jerk TLT (plus sprouts!). Inspired by the classic BLT, this sandwich awakens the palate with a sweet heat from the pimento (allspice) and scotch bonnet peppers in the marinade. It's crunchy and moist all at once! I'll post a complete recipe over the weekend.

Happy Friday!


  1. I so need some Jamaican Jerk Marinade. What is the brand name? This sandwich looks oh so good!

  2. @dreaminitvegan: My grandmother sends me everything I need, but I most of the products are produced by Grace Foods (www.gracefoods.com) They make a lot of awesome products and I think you can buy directly from their website. I like to make my own jerk seasoning, but it's nice to have a jar of the wet jerk spice on hand. Here is a link to the one I used: