breakfast fajita burritos.

Good morning.

a summer lunch.

Prospect Park Potato Salad

Saturday was a designated "clean house" day. After not being able to locate the key for the shed, I gave up on mowing the lawn, which ultimately means I gave up on cleaning anything (thought I did wipe the kitchen counters and have Matt do the dishes!). There's always Sunday, right? Instead of cleaning Matt and I sporadically watched crappy television - SyFy's Spring Break Shark Attack, Lake Placid 2 - and made food. Once we came to our senses, we put on the last few episodes of 30 rock season 4 and chuckled along with the immortal Kenneth and sexy and scrupulous Jack Donaghy (yeah, I said it) while eating a filling and effortless lunch.

Prospect Park Potato Salad

I haven't been to the grocery store in a while. In fact, the last time I went I got very few groceries due to a lack of funds. So when our stomach's began a-rumblin', our eyes began a-searchin' for the right lunch fixin's. Needless to say our prospects looked grim. What we discovered after a little brainstorming and cookbook-index-referencing was a light and satisfactory meal of pantry staples. We improvised Veganomicon's Prospect Park Potato Salad, using lemon juice instead of vinegar and adding half of a diced sweet onion. This recipe is simple enough to throw together at anytime, and requires little effort. Most the time spent on this recipe is idle - boiling potatoes, waiting for them to cool, and chilling the salad. I also usually have all of the ingredients on hand, except for veganaise, which I sporadically buy (but this could easily become a vinaigrette-styled potato salad by omitting the veganaise and using more oil and lemon juice/vinegar).

Cheezy Chick'n and Avocado Wrap Prospect Park Potato Salad

Matt and I paired the salad with a sandwich and wrap, respectively. Both consisted of Cluckphrey-brand chicken patties, avocado, tomato and a sprinkle of Daiya Mozzarella cheese. I try not to include many frozen meat substitutes in my cooking, as they are often fried and relatively expensive. The great thing about these patties is that they are baked and contain no GMO's. I recommend baking rather than microwaving, as they get a little mushy.


a new thing.

Merlin, the greatest dog with whom I currently live.

I bought a digital camera! At last, I have expunged my final (and most brilliant, might I add) excuse to neglect this blog. Prior to this purchase I was begging my roommates to borrow their cell phones, which have significantly better picture quality, and simultaneously crowding their phone memory cards. No longer shall I settle for lackluster photographs of luster-full vegan food! No longer shall I cradle my face in humiliation, ashamed of my grainy and over-edited photos. This camera will change the way you and I see food. I'd like to thank a very good friend of mine for previously owning and turning me on to the G9. This camera is just about every feature I could hope for - raw file support (!!!), optical zoom, huge lcd screen, over 12 megapixels, - and a few extras, like color swap (does just what the name says). I debated with myself for a while before making this purchase; I don't normally buy expensive items, regardless of whether or not I'll utilize them to their fullest potential. This is one purchase I'm ecstatic over, and couldn't have made a better decision.

Now I must cook!


work. eat. sleep.

Farmer's Market Bounty : peaches, asian pears, 7 kinds of bell pepper, white and purple baby eggplants

I've been staring at this screen for a good twenty minutes, trying to dip into my brain and provide some words of substance to accompany the plethora of food porn I am about to post. I have yet to uncover an iota of intriguing information or story. I've operated within a particularly rigid and boring routine these past 2 weeks. work, eat, sleep. Oh, the Sims 3 has made appearances, and I've cooked some food, but little more than that. Oh, Matt and I returned to Tallahassee for a weekend! We saw some much-missed friends and I cleared out my old apartment. It was a short weekend, but well worth the 15 hour drive.

Soooo here is some food that I'm too lazy to write about:

Eggplant and Broccoli Stirfry with Brown Rice Syrup & Soy Sauce
(which I forgot to photograph; these are both pre-sauce)

Matt has bought Daiya Mozzarella Cheese EVERY time we've gone grocery shopping. I want to revel in the melty goodness, but I'm beginning to feel a little selfish...not everyone can eat Daiya every day. But I guess I can...

Farmer's Market Deep Dish Pizza with Daiya
(baby eggplant, pell peppers, onions, spinach)

I'll tell you, and myself, to make us both feel better, that it is the weekend, which means I'll be cooking and documenting. We'll see...