a new thing.

Merlin, the greatest dog with whom I currently live.

I bought a digital camera! At last, I have expunged my final (and most brilliant, might I add) excuse to neglect this blog. Prior to this purchase I was begging my roommates to borrow their cell phones, which have significantly better picture quality, and simultaneously crowding their phone memory cards. No longer shall I settle for lackluster photographs of luster-full vegan food! No longer shall I cradle my face in humiliation, ashamed of my grainy and over-edited photos. This camera will change the way you and I see food. I'd like to thank a very good friend of mine for previously owning and turning me on to the G9. This camera is just about every feature I could hope for - raw file support (!!!), optical zoom, huge lcd screen, over 12 megapixels, - and a few extras, like color swap (does just what the name says). I debated with myself for a while before making this purchase; I don't normally buy expensive items, regardless of whether or not I'll utilize them to their fullest potential. This is one purchase I'm ecstatic over, and couldn't have made a better decision.

Now I must cook!

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