Vegan MoFo 2010: Day Four

Day Four: Fine Dining Desserts!

The poached fruit is commonly affiliated with posh French or Italian restaurants as a refined and resplendent alternative to violently rich slabs of chocolate cake. Simmered in a simple bath of wine and sugar (as well as any other advertised flavoring agents), the often infinitesmal servings arrive with a bulky price tag. Such duplicity results in mislead notions of laborius preparation and strategic planning. How else would one justify a $12.00 plate of cooked fruit?
Apples Poached in White Wine
Garnished with Curled Lemon Peel and Dried Cranberries

Of course, that really isn't the case! Poaching fruit couldn't be easier or any less expensive. You'll spend the bulk of your budget on the wine, but one bottle is enough for more than ten servings (each serving being one fruit) and a little left to sip. Barnivore is a great resource to help you determine whether or not your wine of choice contains or utilizes animal ingredients (yep; beer, wine and spirits aren't necessarily vegan friendly!), and there are many i-Apps available as well. The recipe* I used called for dry white wine (chardonney and some rieslings are dry whites) so I used a $10 chardonney from Castle Rock Winery. This batch was flavored with lemon peel and cinnamon and garnished with dried cherries. Oh my, was it delicious and easy to prepare.

*Another winner from Donna Klein's The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen! Seriously, GET THIS BOOK! It's super market friendly and has so many delicious food ranging from French, Italian, Greek, Egyptian, African - anything bordering or near to the Mediterranean Sea!


  1. Thank you for the book recommendation. I love poached fruit, especially pears. I bet these apples were delicious!

  2. @Mihl: they were splendid! I've never had poached fruit until now.