winter's warmth.

Tomato Rosemary Scones

The harvest months are slowly rolling in and out their blankets of chilled fog, fully prolonged only by the cloudless days of a struggling summer sun. Naivete sets in as the mornings grow comfortable, dare I say cold, and I happily fool myself to believe that autumn is here. Just as my home's floors begin to demand socks and residual heat from the oven suffuses a welcomed warmth, reality rears its tepid self. Autumn is a fickle season in the southern US. The last nights of heavy thunderstorms cloak the next morning's air, nearly suffocating the earlier riser. 

Garlic-Ginger Roasted Roots and Tubers with Rosemary (Pre-baked Yukon and sweet potatoes, turnips, garlic, ginger, rosemary, sea salt)

For me, the aforementioned hiccups usually result in a preemptive giddiness. I enjoy winter. It means huddling closer to friends on dimly lit porches and spending a little extra time folding warm laundry. It means more nights indoors, alone and with others, sharing and creating memories, and getting to know yourself. Yeah, I'm looking forward to the approaching few months.

 Four Bean Chili sprinkled with Vegan Cheddar and Scallions
(artisan bread for scooping)


  1. Anonymous10/20/2010

    I love the picture of the tomato rosemary scones. I made some back in the spring and they are delicious, aren't they?!

  2. Thanks, vegannifer! They were sweeter than I anticipated, but I was won over after the first bite. They certainly were delicious.

  3. Hey Kay, that chili is making my mouth water, did you create the recipe or is it available somewhere?? It looks so good i'm dying to give it a try,

  4. Megan,

    I don't normally follow a recipe. If I have onions, garlic, beans, tomatoes (canned or fresh+tomato sauce), corn and some spices/herbs (cayenne pepper, cumin, oregano are my staples), I have chili. Do you like squash? I recommend trying FatFree Vegan Kitchen's Gold Rush Chili. It's what I made for the Vegan Chili Cook-off at Bread & Roses last year!


  5. Do you have a recipe for the scones? They look soooooo good! noellsky (at) gmail (dot) com