Promotional Black Bean Burger

 Overtime Black Bean Burgers

Matt made us black bean burgers on Tuesday after I told him my homecoming would be delayed. He had the day off and surprised me with this luscious spread. We ate the patties with veganaise, vegan cheddar cheese, spinach, avocado slices and sprouts. There were also tortilla chips, guacamole (that he made) and pineapple salsa. I think I'm going to start working late more often...

Now, why was I working late on a Tuesday? I'm normally home by 4:30pm. Well, I was offered a promotional position at work! About eight weeks ago, I had been placed in the accounting department to aid with administrative tasks such as filing and filling out invoices. Working in the main offices allowed me to learn more about the company's business dynamics, and get to know many of my coworkers. Until recently, I only worked upfront during the latter half of the day. Well, at the beginning of October, the company's CFO offered me the position full time! I happily accepted the extra responsibilities along with a hefty pay increase. Now I spend the entirety of my day as an accounting assistant. Before this reassignment I miserably completed a few menial administrative tasks that left huge chunks of my day unoccupied. I was largely unhappy and considered resigning on countless occasions. Now I'm productive and an integral part of this company. It feels great to know my contributions are worthwhile! This promotion has made dwelling in Baton Rouge a bit more tolerable. Especially when Matt cooks dinner after several hours of overtime!

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  1. Barbara11/01/2010

    Go Matt kudoes to you. How delish looking this meal is and I can bet it tastes as good as it looks.